The Pirate King Ultimate [6.99$]

PAID GAMEThe Pirate King Ultimate

  • DATE 2021
  • PRICE 6.99$

imagine you wake up in a sea world, and you have to become a pirate, so if you want to survive, you should gather all materials needed to build your own ship to travel the world and To return to the real world,By finding the lost treasure.

key Features:

Resources Collection: Collect resources to help you on your quest. Roam the vast reaches of The Pirate King in search of rocks, wood, ore, and sand. Steal drops from you dead enemies and keep yourself from suffering the same fate by keeping food and fresh water on you.

  • Crafting: Collect all the resources that you can collect, you need to craft items and weapons to help you survive in the difficult world of pirates.

  • Building: The place outside is very dangerous,You need to build your home in order to store and live in it safely from the dangerous monsters that live outside.

  • AI System: The game contains animals and monsters.

  • Game style: Single Player(Story Mode).

  • Assets: There are many weapons and equipment.

  • Game system(Game Play): Survival system/TPS/The game is medium difficulty.

  • Task System: There are three ongoing tasks.

  • Islands: 3 Islands.

And More….

The Pirate King It is a game where you play a person who has moved into the world of pirates in a strange way, You need to live and discover what the great treasure is,To discover a way to return to your real world,Beware, death is possible.