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  • Date 2021

The world is a wide and multi-cultural place, which made my hobby something interesting. My grandfather used to tell me about his adventures in my childhood, which made me want to follow in his footsteps. My grandfather left me a mysterious book with no pages on it and he promised me that I would get his own camera when I turned 18 I was very excited to join my grandfathers research team And one day On the awaited day disaster happened I received a letter from my grandfather telling me to keep the book that I have with me and never take it out of the house until I am 20 years old A few days later, we received news that my grandfather had gone missing It was a big shock We searched everywhere for him, but it was in vain And it looked like he evaporated (Two years later on his 20th birthday) On my 20th birthday, a strange message suddenly appeared in the book Its content was to go to Tassili and search for a lost cave, and the book would help me find it And with that, I set out on a journey to find my grandfather My name is Ghaith and this is my story