رمضان مبارك وكل عام وانتم بالف خير 
فريق ديزاد فيكس يقدم لكم نسخة كاملة من تطبيقنا متواضع 
لمشاهدة افلام ومسلسلات 

MixerZ ماهو تطبيق

تطبيق ميكسرز هو تطبيق جزائري لمشاهدة احدث افلام ومسلسلات وانمي وكرتون حيث يستعرض كل ما يعرض اما على سنيما او على شاشة تلفاز بلغات وترجمات ودبلجات مختلفة مع جودات متعددة

مذا يوجد في اصدار 1.5


ChangeLog 1.5

  • Added Skip Recap to the player ( SKIP INTRO )
  • Added Genre for the player ( Will be visible at the start of the video )
  • Added External Launchers ( VLC – MX PLAYER – WEB VIDEO CASTER )
  • Added External Downloads Apps ( ADM – 1DM )
  • Added the support for the following hosts ( YOUTUBE – MEDIAFIRE – SOLID FILES – UPTOBOX – OK.RU – SENDVID – FANSBUS – BiTTUBE – FEMBED – FILERIO – 4SHARED )
  • Added HLS PHP support Links
  • ORGANIZED & Regrouped player icons into a bottom dialog
  • New Layout for Suggested Programmes & Search Results
  • Added Streaming Details page
  • Added Latest Episodes for Series & Animes
  • Added Top20 ( HomePage ) 
  • Added Pinned Content ( HomePage )
  • Switched resume featured as offline to save your server resources
  • You can now resume a media inside the player when you switch content
  • Fixed a little issues for the player content when you minimize the player now it will resume from the last point you left it 
  • Added Maintenance mode 
  • Added Directory Change For the Download 
  • Fixed an issue for views for ( Series & Animes )
  • Formating the view to Display K, M, G, etc…..
  • Split MyList to include 4 tabs ( Movies – Series – Animes – Streaming )
  • Added Episode Notification Send

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